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next morning when I saw three Crows coming
toward me out of the underbrush. They had
come back to search for me. I threw myself on
my stomach and began firing at them. I shot
two of them, and the other fellow ran back into
the bush. [Roving Night Eagle was the best
sharpshooter in the Blackfoot nation.] They had
been firing at me, too3 and when I looked at my
right leg now, I found that it had been shot twice
again. It was now broken in three places: here,
heres and here/ he said, baring his grotesquely
scarred limb and pointing to his thigh,, his knees
and his shin bone.

*I knew that I would be killed if I did not
quickly get out of this country. So I took my
gun and put the butt of it against my stomachy
and I grasped the stock with both hands and used
it for a stick [crutch]. In this way I went along
on one foot and the gun, and dragged my left leg
along the ground. It was limber in three places.

*I travelled five days this way without food.
On the fifth day I killed a badger and a duck, and
ate them. My moccasins had worn out and my
feet were bare in the snow; so I made myself a
pair of moccasins from the badger skin, and kept

cLate afternoon of the next day, I heard some-
one yell, and I looked about and saw two men
coming toward me on horses. They were white